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Portfolio Kitchen & Home™ is recognized as the Midwest’s premier kitchen, bath and home design resource. Our talented and dynamic design team works daily with Kansas City’s foremost architePortfolio Kitchen & Home - Geri Higginscts, developers, builders and designers on projects ranging from residential homes to commercial projects including numerous multi-unit condos and lofts. Portfolio has taken a unique approach with virtually every aspect of its operation from our fresh and forward image and branding, boutique showroom atmosphere, unique and innovative products, and, most importantly, the client-driven nature of the design process. Recipients of numerous awards and accolades for our work, Portfolio’s team of design professionals each brings something unique and special to every client’s project. Because our clients are the key component to the equation our designers take the time to get to know each client, their needs, and their lifestyle to ensure that their interaction with Portfolio is a unique and personal experience that meets and exceeds all of their expectations.

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Portfolio Kitchen & Home - Geri Higgins Portfolio Kitchen & Home - Geri Higgins

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Portfolio Kitchen & Home - Geri Higgins